Grow In Our Journey Together in The Living Loved Life
"Living Loved is the only cure!"

It starts with God. Come walk with the Holy Spirit, Jim Richter, and Drew Jarrod on our journey together… as we wade deeper into God‘s Life; understanding more of what He wants to share with us - Living Loved by experiencing Life with God.
"Living Loved is the only cure for shame, for depression, for addiction, for everything..."

(Listen to the Podcast from the beginning to better understand how God made the connections in me
to begin to get rid of my shame.  
He is doing the same for you...)

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"I have experienced and learned that soaking in God's love for us is the only cure for everything that ails us here.  When we understand that we are valuable in our Father's sight, things start changing.  I've been on a journey for over two years now - delving into and researching; living in - soaking in God's love for me... THAT has made all the difference in the world.  I am finally beginning to understand what love is... I mean, WHO love is... and that HE loves ME.  And he'll take care of me... (He's been taking care of me all along.)  This podcast is my journey so far.  It's what led me to the possibility of all freedom, because I don't have to do anything anymore... Jesus has already done all the work.  Our Father in Heaven is, has been, and will take care of us.  (Sounds naïve, I know, but do we believe it?)  We don't have to work to change ourselves... God is changing us.  Romans 5:1-11.  We can start to be happy again, or maybe, for the first time." ~Drew Jarrod

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