2023.07.26 The Triune God Is Our Source

God - Who IS Love and the eternal Spring of love -  constantly gives freely to us all every day the Love He IS.  He never runs out and, if we let His Love flow into us (because we can say no to His Love by choosing to set our free will against His Gift of Love), we will become full of His Love - and only then can His Love flow out of us and onto other's lives - thereby loving them, and they, in turn, can let His love in and then love others, or refuse to let His love in and keep interacting with others out of their emptiness.  But it all starts with God loving us.  Then, it becomes an issue of whether or not we'll surrender to have His way of Love in our lives or, if we keep refusing His Will - which is to love us - because that's Who God IS:  Love.  So, He must Love and chooses us to be the recipients of His Love.  (Pretty generous of anyone to give us any kind of love, right?)

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