Enter The Jason Gray Concert Flyer Music Giveaway!

From now until March 29th, we are instituting a double giveaway surrounding the Jason Gray Concert!

The flyers are up, and if you find one, take a picture or video selfie next to the flyer, post that online, and we'll send you a gift card for a free song download of your choice!  (See some selfie examples here.)

Just send us your name, email, where you found a flyer, a link to your selfie, (and make sure you add this concert webpage address: https://www.thefatherland.org/jason-gray to your selfie post), and we'll email you a code - it's that simple - (we wanted everyone to be a winner just for participating)!

Secondarily, all those winners will be automatically entered into a drawing the night of the concert to win a whole CD album of music of their choice from either Drew Jarrod or Jason Gray!

So, just find a flyer hung up around the area, (map of locations located here) and start posting those selfies!

If you can't find a flyer around you, post the attached flyer in a public place and take your selfie with that!  Even if you don't live in the area or are not able to attend the concert, you still qualify for a free song download with every selfie flyer location you post!  (You have to be present at the concert to win the CD though... ;)

Hunting for these Flyers will be practice for finding eggs this Easter!  Have fun and I can't wait to see all your postings!

There's no limit on submitting your selfies, either!  If you take a selfie at multiple flyer locations - submit your links to them all and get more download codes!

Enter your info for the Jason Gray Concert Flyer Music Giveaway here!

Feel free to follow the contest progress on our Facebook Event Page!

Easter is coming early this year.  Enjoy!

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