The Prince Of Peace That Brings A Sword

Marriage, Covenant, Commitment, Peace, & War
God is committed to us... and gives us space to work through our struggle to commit ourselves to Him.  Even when we don't love Him and can't even love ourselves, God still loves us.  "You're mine... and I'm yours," God says to us.  "Now, let's walk together in Love, Truth, and Grace."
"With God, there's no halfway with love.  There's no distance with love.  With love, we're all in - he's all in and we're all in.  And if we understood that, think how secure we would be.  And also realize that Jesus doesn't take prisoners... Jesus doesn't take the old Adam prisoner, He kills the old Adam... (that's what crosses do).  Just think about it." ~Jim Richter

But for those who surrender to Him and His better way for us, there is every resuscitation, every remuneration, every reconciliation, every justification, every reinstatement to the blessed place of daughters and sons, co-heirs with Christ, and a guaranteed seat at God's table forever - close enough for us to see Him wink at us; close enough for Him to lean over and whisper secrets in our ear.

Does Jesus bring peace, a sword, or a scalpel?  Yes, all the above.

Peace for those who are surrendered to Him and live the life He redeemed for us in and with Him.

The sword for those who don't surrender to Him.

And though it may seem like a sword to those who resist God, what He brings is more like a scalpel.  And, as a surgeon goes after and cuts away the disease in our lives, Jesus wants us to be set from everything that has caught us and binds us.  He wants us to be set from everything we are in bondage to.  Jesus is not a quitter.  He came perfect and He stays perfect and He is not willing to take hostages or simply offer comfort to our dire plight.  No, He goes after the sin in our lives - the pornography, the abuse, the addiction, the bitterness, the cynicism, the mockery, the spite, the hate - and He says, 'I'm not going to let you be held hostage to that anymore.  I, along with the Body of Christ - my Body - are going to help you kill that thing so you can be free.

Jesus comes perfect and He stays perfect and he can't be beat.  And that's the way it is with our Lord.

The Living Loved Life Podcast Episode Jesus Prince Of Peace Or General Of Angel Armies (48:43)
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