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Drew Jarrod - "Surrender"

The Living Loved Life Podcast

You are welcome to walk with us on our journey as we explore together the experience of what living loved by God is like!

The Duet & More

"Just listening to some of your music.  I love it!  You have a great quality to your voice and music and are using it to glorify the Lord.  Shine on Brother, Shine on!" ~Taylor, RansomedHeart.Net

"Your guitar playing is so... crisp!" ~Phil, MN

"You sound like Steven Curtis Chapman in his quieter stuff." ~James, MI

"The music and message you shared with us during worship was indeed inspiring and very much appreciated.  I am looking forward to your future writing." ~Ron, MN

"When you sing, you remind me of James Taylor and his song, 'You've Got A Friend.'  You like words and music to come together to present an even deeper meaning." ~Tiffany, MN

"Drew's songs and vocal style are Country-Adjacent and unique.  When you hear one, you can tell it's a Drew Jarrod song." ~Zach, Producer

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