Transformers is fine but it's no Little House On The Prairie.”
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What Erin has done for me:

Worked a Full-Time job our entire marriage.
Tends to me when I am sick.
Helped me repair/seal our patio door before another winter.
Wants me to play a quality instrument and bought one for me.
Sings on my recordings.
Was there for me when my father died.
Gave me a surprise 30th birthday party - inviting everyone we knew.  Catered in my favorite meal - Chicken, biscuits, potato wedges, & sweetcorn!
Built me a tall, sturdy, garage workbench by hand!
Helps me rewrite/edit my songs.
Made the most delicious spaghetti lunch I have ever tasted (for me and the crew that built our deck).
Gave us three boys to love.
Gave me thoughtful Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary presents.
Helped me experience pure joy.
Introduced me to her poems.
Danced with me.
Made me laugh (that is very hard to do).
Noticed me.
Said, "Yes," to me.
Made me feel loved.